11.01 2020

Does happiness require a daily effort?

Happiness and effort
does happiness require a daily effort?

Happiness is the feeling of joy and contentment in life. Everyone is looking for some happiness in their lives; however, it seems to be impossible to find true, durable happiness. That is because it is more common to find happiness from doing much work and striving endlessly on personal fortunes.

As a matter of fact, true happiness is not from material belongings but from the feeling of peace and mind tranquility. The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, often instructs his disciples to quest for inner peace, which is the only promoter of harmony and happiness. Is it necessary to make an effort to be happy?

Does happiness require a daily effort?

Happiness is within you

True happiness does not come from leisure activities and entertainment that people always do in their free time. Among the messages of peace by Prem Rawat, he said, "Happiness is your own treasure because it lies within you.” 

  • In fact, by nurturing a feeling of mind tranquility and peace within,you can gain happiness
  • Through daily meditation, we can attract a great source of happiness for them
  • Lasting happiness and success are attracted to those who live in modesty and have a joyful heart.
  • By showing gratitude to simple things in life every day, it is possible to develop true happiness.

Happiness emanates from belief

Faith is belief in the realization of unattainable goals. However, it is impossible to believe in anything unless it is accompanied by a daily self-actualization of the power of God. For example, every day, take some time and admire his creations on earth and in the universe. Each day, make an effort to look at the sky and the constellations, realize how great God's power is.

Every day, remember and believe that he will be able to bring happiness into our life, just in the same way as he gives happiness to those who have believed in him.

Find happiness by praying for the others on a daily basis. Develop a strong belief through a daily reading of the holy book and learn about God's mighty power. By asking him to come into our life and solve our daily problems, we nurture a relationship with the almighty, which leads to true happiness.

Make an effort every day and be happy

Peace advocates and other humanitarian organizations work on several initiatives to promote happiness to the world. In the world, several people are in need for tranquility; many are oppressed by the society; others live in misery because of malnutrition and wars.

If we just look around us, we can see how much work still needs to be done every day. For example, it is necessary to share our happiness to the abandoned or neglected children somewhere in the world.

They need comfort, encouragement and support to retrieve happiness too. Make an effort to share a message of peace every day, and you will find happiness because somewhere, a sad soul will find relief from that word. In brief, a daily effort is needed to attract happiness to us. That is what the law of attraction is all about, cheerfulness attracts contentment and joy.