12.01 2020

How to cultivate happiness?

Cultivate happiness
how to cultivate happiness?

"Happiness is a choice", said Roy T. Bennett. Actually, when people choose to be happy whatever the situation is, it could happen. However, happiness is not a destination but a way to take. It's important to cultivate happiness because it doesn't happen suddenly but it should be cultivated. There are many ways to do that.

Here are some tips to cultivate happiness

Appreciate the time you have

People tend to complain that time is short. However, when they complain instead of appreciating, they actually lose their time. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness." Whatever the time is, tough or happy, you should accept the reality and appreciate every time you spend in life.

Not only you find life easier, happy but also you will see opportunities instead of problems. The secret to appreciate all things all the time is being completely present every time.

Stop over thinking

The first enemy people have are themselves. Whether in love or in life, they tend to think about something that have never happened and will never happen. With these kinds of thoughts, you end up being really present but the reality is confused with your unrealistic thoughts.

Over thinking is different from being preventive. In contrasts, it's a poison for happiness because you think something impossible and it negatively affects your mood and later your actions.

Focus on the good side

Life is not always a list of successful moments. Sometimes, it can be hard to accept and hard to follow. However, if you focus on the good things that happened, your happiness remains. When you see problems, you'll find more problems, if you see opportunities, opportunities come to you.

Actually, being focused on the bad side of situations is like creating your own suffers. Because the bad side won't bring solutions but create more problems. Happiness is finding the good side of every situation, because happiness is a way for making peace. A messenger of peace, as Prem Rawat, has always said finding happiness is really important not only for ourselves but also for others who interact with us.

Be grateful every time

Even though life can be unfair as people said, there is always at least one thing to be thankful for. Even for breathing, having food or material things, having friends or/and family who support and love you. Don't waste your time listing the things you don't have but be grateful for what you have, then you have time to create additional things.

In this way, you'll find happiness and make peace between you and reality. As Prem Rawat has said during Peace Day, peace is "making the difference for the world". It means happiness is so important for peace ad for the world.

Be good with others

When you do something good to others, they can appreciate or not, be good and do well anyway. In fact, every good thing you do is always returning to you in unexpected ways.

Then, don't hesitate to be good for others. "Happiness comes from your own actions", said Dalai Lama. It's important that we cultivate happiness. It's not only about being happy for a while but it brings us peace, that precious cause that we need.