Is being happy making our life harmonious ?

Image is being happy making our life harmonious ?

As a definition, happiness is synonymous with bliss, which involves true happiness because of the absence of worries in one's life. On the other hand, harmonious life is often known as the absence of conflicts or violence, which is no other than peace.

The reason why the government in a country sets up a system to defend through the army is to protect civilians and ensure public security. Or topic in this article is to identify whether happiness leads to harmony.

Is being happy making our life harmonious?

Being happy, our life is fulfilled

There are several factors leading to real happiness. First, if we are able to control our emotions despite troubles and worries, we will enjoy happiness and serenity. In addition, if we can manage our conflicts with our surroundings through negotiations and peaceful talks, it will promote peace because we refrain from using violence.

Finally, if we manage to avoid conflicts to our aggressors, and seek to mend our relationship with our enemies, it can make our heart joyful, because we did not get involved in any fight

Happiness prevents worries

True happiness derives from obedience to the will of God. Bliss ensures harmonious life and it can be looked at under the following forms: 

  • Good health condition
  • Good weather with enough rain and sunshine
  • Plentiful harvest in farming and agriculture
  • Prosperity in the nation
  • Many descendants
  • Intelligence and understanding
  • Victory over the enemy

Happiness is peaceful society

By respecting the others, it is possible to create a peaceful society. This does not only consist of conflict prevention, but in the effort to maintain tranquility in all its forms, including avoiding late-night noises or disorderly conducts or any incidence of breaches of peace.

In other words, it is not appropriate to show our happiness by disturbing the others through loud music, or drunkenness, or any behavior that may lead to disputes. True happiness is the one which leads to harmony because we maintain good relationship with our neighbors, and we avoid conflicts or arguments with anyone.

Find happiness and live in harmony

Many efforts are still essential to change people's mindset and transform the society into harmony. As a matter of fact, some individuals do not worry at all about having a harmonious place to live in.

They are so used to living in conflicts and in wars that in no way would they thirst for happiness or harmony. That is the reason why organizations like the Prem Rawat Foundation TPRF calls for volunteers to help promote global happiness and harmony.

True happiness is linked to inner peace

As the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, often said, “Happiness is your own treasure because it lies within you.” This message of peace means that happiness is within us, and it is a valuable prize to get. In other words, if an individual has peaceful mind, it leads to true happiness.

This implies that for him, happiness does not come from the others, or from our job satisfaction. It does not also come from the realization of our dreams. Instead, real happiness is unique, because it results from a tranquil mind.